Main Stage

Speaker Title Slides Video
Alexandre Gazet, Fabien Perigaud (0xf4b), Joffrey Czarny (@_Sn0rkY) Turning your BMC into a revolving door Slides Video
Vladimir Dashchenko Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance: Stages of reporting 0-days to Russian vendors Slides Video
Joxean Koret Diffing C source codes to binaries Slides Video
Boris Ryutin Issues in Node.js Desktop applications (hypster_mode_ON in development) Slides
David Baptiste Vulnerability in compiler leads to stealth backdoor in software Slides Video
Alexander Ermolov, Ruslan Zakirov NUClear explotion Slides Video
dump_stack() Ways to automate testing Linux kernel exploits Slides Video
Jianing Wang, Junyu Zhou Ntlm Relay Reloaded: Attack methods you do not know Slides Video
Yaroslav Moskvin ELF execution in Linux RAM Slides Video
Ilya Nesterov, Sergey Shekyan Unveiling the cloak: A behind-the-scenes look at what happens when you click that link Slides Video
HC MA Massive Scale USB Device Driver Fuzz WITHOUT device Slides Video
Dryagunov Mikhail, Khodukina Natalya, Nikita Loginov Automated approach to the analysis of network devices security Slides Video
Anton Nikolaev, Denis Kolegov, Oleg Broslavsky SD-WAN Internet Census Slides Video
Pavel Toporkov Redis post-exploitation Slides Video
Fedotkin Zakhar Reveal the unseen: Getting access to sensitive data with graphic file editing libraries Slides Video
Junyu Zhou, Wenxu Wu Who owned your code: Attack surfaces against Git web servers used by thousands of developers Slides Video
Eric Sesterhenn, Luis Merino, Markus Vervier Zero Fax given Slides Video
Denis Selyanin Researching Marvell Avastar Wi-Fi: from zero knowledge to over-the-air zero-touch RCE Slides Video
Alexey Tiurin Reverse proxies & Inconsistency Video
Yuriy Gurkin SCADA projects from the point of view of hackers Slides Video


Web Village

Speaker Title Link
Just One More Whitehat Guy I <“3 XSS Slides
H D, Pavel Rukavishnikov Blind XSS Slides
Ivan Chalykin Key methods of CSP bypassing Slides
Sergey (BlackFan) Bobrov BugBounty Automation Slides
Andrey (L1kvID) Kovalev Introduction into browser hacking Slides
Alexey (SooLFaa) Morozov Misconfiguration in development infrastructure Slides
Aleksei (GreenDog) Tiurin Atypical vulnerabilities Slides
Omar (Beched) Ganiev PHP Slides
Pavel (Paul_Axe) Toporkov PHP unserialize Slides
Alexandr (Webr0ck) Romanov Spel injection Slides
Egor (ShikariSenpai) Karbutov, Sergey (BeLove) Belov Defense. Change my mind! Slides