WebVillage and ZeroNights 2018

Wondering what is happening with WebVillage? It is in the pipe, five-by-five: attacks, vulnerabilities, bypasses of security mechanisms, new tools, BugBounty insights. Those are the main topics of the second conference day that will be elaborated on in the small hall (please note, simultaneous translation is not provided).


1. Just One More Whitehat Guy – I love XSS | 60min

Why did XSS manual become useless? Why is your attack vector is built wrong? How to attack if it is impossible to find an exploit on the server side, to bypass XSS Auditor – all these and even more about modern XSS attack exploitation.

2. H D, Pavel Rukavishnikov – Blind XSS | 25min

Tedious checks of heaps of various parameters for a blind injection can bore even a diligent pentester to death. From this talk, we will learn about the ways of detecting blind injections and about the BurpSuite plugin, which is meant to take this burden off your back and allow you to focus on other important things while it is searching vulnerabilities for you.

3. Ivan Chalykin – Key methods of CSP bypassing | 30min

For security specialists: XSS is everywhere – face it. Do not worry, though – there is a good news for you to sugar the pill: if implemented right, the CSP technology can reduce any chances of exploitation to zero. For pentesters: CSP gets in the way of your XSS. Most likely CSP was implemented incorrectly. Now, we bypass everything!

4. Sergey (BlackFan) Bobrov – BugBounty Automation | 40min

Why do same things manually, when you always can automate vulnerability searches. Best cases, pros, and cons of the question illustrated in the contest of BugBounty programs.

5. Andrey (L1kvID) Kovalev – Introduction into browser hacking | 40min

Going to hack a browser but do not know what to start with? This talk is for you! We will find out what bugs can still be used, what benefits we can get by doing this, and how difficult it is to exploit them.

6. Alexey (SooLFaa) Morozov – Misconfiguration in development infrastructure | 30min

What does the process of development look like? What tricks and means do dev teams use? How does a pentester see them? Hungry for answers? Get them during this talk.

7. Omar (Beched) Ganiev – PHP | 60min

The PHP ecosystem nurtured a whole generation of hackers and pentesters. In recent years, the situation and attitude toward it have changed. However, there are still many problems and peculiarities of PHP applications that pentesters and security specialists should be aware of. In this talk, we will overview various specific features of PHP (from interpreter to network interaction) that may cause vulnerabilities.

8. Pavel (Paul_Axe) Toporkov – PHP unserialize | 30min

Learn what (de)serialization is, how is it implemented in PHP, and why it poses a risk.

9. Aleksei (GreenDog) Tiurin – Atypical vulnerabilities | 30min

Examples of the exploitation of uncommon and dangerous vulnerabilities.

10. Alexandr (Webr0ck) Romanov – Spel injection | 40min

Spel is an expression language, which supports calling and controlling object graphs during execution, designed by Spring Framework. What possible implications may it have? Where is expression processing used? And how to find the function that has caused it?

11. Egor (ShikariSenpai) Karbutov && Sergey (BeLove) Belov – Defense. Change my mind! | 60min

He, who does not know how to patch bugs, is a mere apology for a security specialist. It is not simple patching we are speaking about, but rather making a vulnerability unreproducible, and deriving it from its ability to breed new vulnerabilities.
Do you want to know how to patch right? We will tell you.

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