• 20.11 (Tuesday)November 20 (Tuesday)
  • 21.11 (Wednesday)November 21 (Wednesday)
Time MIN hall mir *
09:00 120 Registration
11:00 30 Grand opening ceremony
11:30 45 Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger: The (Re)Evolution of the Hacker Con, Dhillon (L33tdawg) Kannabhiran
12:25 45 Turning your BMC into a revolving door, Alexandre Gazet, Fabien Perigaud (0xf4b), Joffrey Czarny (@_Sn0rkY)
13:20 15 Abusing UPnP to create the perfect cloaking framework, x0rz
13:45 45 Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance: Stages of reporting 0-days to Russian vendors, Vladimir Dashchenko
14:40 45 Diffing C source codes to binaries, Joxean Koret
15:35 15 Issues in Nodejs Desktop applications (hypster_mode_ON in development), Boris Ryutin
16:00 45 Vulnerability in compiler leads to stealth backdoor in software, David Baptiste
16:55 30 NUClear explotion, Alexander Ermolov, Ruslan Zakirov
17:35 15 Ways to automate testing Linux kernel exploits, dump_stack()
18:00 45 Ntlm Relay Reloaded: Attack methods you do not know, Jianing Wang, Junyu Zhou
18:55 15 ELF execution in Linux RAM, Yaroslav Moskvin
20:00 Community Party
23:00 End of 1st conference day
Time MIN hall sputnik (hardware zone)
09:00 120 Registration
12:30 30 ATM hardware security, Roman Bazhin
13:00 60 USB Physical on FPGA, Strokov Andrey
14:00 60 IoTSecFuzz: make your smart kettle afraid of you, Bliznyuk Sergey, Marakhovich Sofia, Shaposhnikov Ilya
15:00 60 SDR/GnuRadio basic, Strokov Andrey
16:00 60 HW 4 Pentesters, Cherbov Gleb
19:00 Speaker Party
23:00 End of 1st conference day
Time MIN hall mir *
10:00 45 Unveiling the cloak: A behind-the-scenes look at what happens when you click that link, Ilya Nesterov, Sergey Shekyan
10:55 45 Massive Scale USB Device Driver Fuzz WITHOUT device, HC MA
11:50 15 Automated approach to the analysis of network devices security, Dryagunov Mikhail, Khodukina Natalya, Nikita Loginov
12:15 30 SD-WAN Internet Census, Anton Nikolaev, Denis Kolegov, Oleg Broslavsky
12:55 45 From Graphic Mode To God Mode, Discovery Vulnerabilities of GPU Virtualization, Rancho Han
13:50 45 Redis post-exploitation, Pavel Toporkov
14:45 15 Reveal the unseen: Getting access to sensitive data with graphic file editing libraries, Fedotkin Zakhar
15:10 30 Who owned your code: Attack surfaces against Git web servers used by thousands of developers, Junyu Zhou, Wenxu Wu
15:50 45 Zero Fax given, Eric Sesterhenn, Luis Merino, Markus Vervier
16:45 45 Researching Marvell Avastar Wi-Fi: from zero knowledge to over-the-air zero-touch RCE, Denis Selyanin
17:40 30 Reverse proxies & Inconsistency, Alexey Tiurin
18:20 30 Race Condition exploration tool, Independent group of researchers
19:00 15 SCADA projects from the point of view of hackers, Yuriy Gurkin
19:30 30 Grand closing ceremony
Time MIN hall sputnik (web village)
11:00 60 I love XSS, Just One More Whitehat Guy
12:00 25 Blind XSS, H D, Pavel Rukavishnikov
12:25 30 Key methods of CSP bypassing, Ivan Chalykin
12:55 40 BugBounty Automation, Sergey (BlackFan) Bobrov
13:35 40 Introduction into browser hacking, Andrey (L1kvID) Kovalev
14:15 30 Misconfiguration in development infrastructure, Alexey (SooLFaa) Morozov
14:45 30 Atypical vulnerabilities, Alexey Tiurin
15:15 60 PHP, Omar (Beched) Ganiev
16:15 30 PHP unserialize, Pavel Toporkov
16:45 40 Spel injection, Alexandr (Webr0ck) Romanov
17:25 60 Defense. Change my mind!, Egor (ShikariSenpai) Karbutov, Sergey (BeLove) Belov
19:30 30 Grand closing ceremony

* Attention! Simultaneous translation is available in the Hall Mir only! (RU- EN, EN - RU)