Automated approach to the analysis of network devices security

Proper operation and security of a network relies on the configuration of switches and routers, which, in their turn, have configuration files of their own.

No wonder, there may be such a huge load of those files that manual analysis becomes a real challenge. That is why we are going to present a tool that facilitates and simplifies the process. The tool is intended to analyze configuration files of network devices and, consequently, to discover weaknesses and unsafe settings.

Dryagunov Mikhail

Dryagunov Mikhail is an IT security student, pentester. He has his bachelor degree in IT security.

Khodukina Natalya

Khodukina Natalya is a student at ITMO University, pentester, and a CTF player.

Nikita Loginov

Nikita Loginov is a life-long noid, which has defined his interest in IT security.

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