From Graphic Mode To God Mode, Discovery Vulnerabilities of GPU Virtualization

For most major virtualization platforms, GPU virtualization is an important component. Different vendors have different implementations.

In this talk, I will explain how Hyper-V and VMware support the 3D acceleration of graphics display, respectively. Then, I will discuss the attack surface in the implementation of GPU virtualization from multiple dimensions. I will explain the exploration process of these attack surfaces in detail.

At last, I will disclose several vulnerability cases I have found recently.

Rancho Han

Rancho Han (@RanchoIce) is a senior security researcher of Tencent Zhanlu Lab. He has more than Seven years of information security experience. In the past years, his work involved malware detection, exploit mitigations, and bug hunting. Recently, he focused on the research of windows kernel fuzzing and exploit techniques. He had participated in Pwn2Own 2017 (as Tencent Security Lance Team) and exploited Microsoft Edge with SYSTEM privilege in less than 1 second. He has also been a speaker at HITB 2018 (Amsterdam), 44Con 2018 (London) and Hitcon 2016 (Taipei).

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