Issues in Nodejs Desktop applications (hypster_mode_ON in development)

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of applications that use nodejs on desktop devices. Some bugs that might have been either not so dangerous or quite complicated to be exploited earlier in the server environment, get their new start in the world of workstations. Considering these, here is a question for you to answer: Do you know how many nodejs interpreters there are in your system?

Boris Ryutin

Boris started his career as an engineer-developer, but his desire to research software brought him to the world of reverse engineering. He moved to InfoSec world and was focused on the security of mobile devices: pentesting applications, analysis malware and exploits for Android and iOS. For some RE tasks, he prefers to use Radare2 framework than IDA and very like to talk and write about it (maybe because he is Radare2 evangelist and like talk about it too). He is a contributor to several opensource projects for InfoSec. Sometimes he conducts security trainings in universities and conferences.

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