Zero Fax given

FAX machines, although being a reminiscent of a not-so-far past, are still present in lots of office spaces and can be frequently used for business and legal communications. Most of its technology was developed decades ago and, quite probably, remained mostly unchanged over the years.

Legacy boxes, accessible via a phone call through the phone line and, frequently, connected to local networks via Ethernet. It sounds like a good plan for summertime research!

Eric Sesterhenn

Eric Sesterhenn is working as a Principal IT Security consultant for more than 15 years, mostly in the areas of penetration testing and source code auditing. Notable works include vulnerabilities in various software projects including the Linux kernel and, speaker at DEF CON 2018 about smartcard driver security, speaker at Nullcon 2018 about security issues in IoT OS and being part of the winning team of the Deutsche Post Security Cup 2013.

Luis Merino

Luis Merino is a Security Engineer with over five years of experience in designing, implementing and reviewing security-sensitive systems. He has presented his work on Secure Enclaves at Black Hat and other security conferences.

Markus Vervier


Markus Vervier is Head of Research at X41. Software security is his main focus of work. During the last 15 years he collected professional experience in offensive IT security working as a security researcher and penetration tester. He likes to do review code, reverse engineer the unknown, and to discover vulnerability in applications on various platforms and architectures. Notable works include: breaking U2F using WebUSB (2018), discovering bugs in the Signal Private Messenger (with @veorq) (2016/2017), finding a remote vulnerability in libOTR (2016), reverse engineering and security analysis of embedded firmware for mobile devices (Android device baseband firmware) (2015).

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